About us


Inventors Matt, Derek, and Justin were on a mission to spend less on razors and reduce razor blade waste by extending the life of razors that they regularly purchased.  Finding a solution would require a simple and universal application that would be highly effective for all razors. They discovered that corrosion is what causes the blades to feel dull. Manufacturers coat blades in a thin, rust protectant film to prevent corrosion during transportation; a film that is intentionally designed to wear off after initial use leaving the steel blades exposed.  After designing, testing and prototyping many different concepts, the SteelBee was created. 


The SteelBee works by releasing a protective vapor shield around your blades that effectively adds a replacement film to keep the steel protected from air and moisture between uses. This protective shield dramatically slows the corrosion process extending the life of your razor blades by up to 3X.