SteelBee FAQs

Start with Why!
We created The SteelBee because we were tired of overspending on razors and knew there must be a simple way to make them last longer. After a lot of trial and error (we’ll spare you the details), we finally created something that will extend the life of your razor blades, and we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. We hope The SteelBee helps you like it has helped us.
How do I use it?
After shaving, gently shake any excess water from your razor and secure the SteelBee to your razor.  For best results, we recommend starting with a new blade.
Will it work with any razor?
Yes. We wanted as many people as possible to be able to save money on their razors. With that in mind, the SteelBee was designed to be flexible enough to fit almost any cartridge razor: men’s and women’s.
Do I need anything else for it to work?
No, the SteelBee is ready to use right out of the package. Simply secure it to your razor and starts working by releasing a Zerust® Vapor which envelops your blade. This corrosion inhibiting substance is embedded during the manufacturing of the product.
Is it safe?
Yes, all materials are harmless and FDA approved. 
Can I use it while traveling?

While the primary purpose is for home use, the SteelBee can be used while traveling as a travel cover.  If your razor is larger or smaller than the standard cartridge razor, the SteelBee can fall off while stored in your travel bag.  Please use caution when taking out of your travel bag. 
How does this product emit a protective vapor?
It is embedded in the material during manufacturing, and will continuously emit, protecting nearby steel for years.
How long does it last?
The product remains effective for 2 years.
Can you leave it in the shower?
Yes, but we recommend shaking it free of water and leaving it in a dry place for the best results.