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"Protect your razors from oxidation and damage and eliminate landfill waste with the SteelBee saver. It extends your blade’s sharpness up to three times longer and helps prevent not only plastic waste, but monetary waste as well. It fits all standard razors and provides effective corrosion prevention for up to two years."
New York Post

SteelBee® Razor Saver

More than just a razor cover.  Using patented technology, the SteelBee® releases a protective Zerust® vapor shield around your blades, that keeps the steel protected from moisture. This protective shield dramatically slows the corrosion process and extends the life of your razor blades up to 3X!

Long Live Your Razors

*fits all standard men's and women's razors including Harry's and Dollar Shave Club*

Created and Assembled in the USA

"I have had the SteelBee razor protector for 3 months now.  I haven't had to change my blade once!  Quality material and actually works to perfection.  Highly recommend."



"I have never had a razor blade last as long as this one! It's been 6 months and still going strong thanks to the steel bee! I have no idea how it works, but it sure does!"



"Easy to use and blades last longer, great stocking stuffer idea!"



"It's flexible enough to fit my subscription club razors as well as the larger women's cartridges that my wife uses." 



"I'm currently beyond the point of wondering if the steel bee is actually doing anything or not.  It's without a doubt extended the life of my razor"



More Than Just A Razor Cover


It’s a little known fact that rust corrosion on the blade is what makes the blade go dull.  Manufacturers coat blades in a thin, rust protectant film to stop corrosion during transportation.  That protective film is designed to wear away as soon as you start using the blades.  SteelBee® prevents rust in the same way, by blanketing your razor in a protective Zerust® shield.

Skeptical? Listen to Science: 
Regarding corrosion prevention: "Razor blades.. would probably stay sharp for six months." -MIT Professor of Materials Eng.

"Razor blade dullness stems more from oxidation, microscopic rusting, than from contact with whiskers." -Chicago Tribune

Using patented Zerust® technology, SteelBee® prevents Corrosion.

Try the SteelBee for Yourself

Helping thousands of men & women get a cleaner and safer shave


Designed and Assembled in the USA
Warning: Small parts. Keep out of reach of children.
Do not disassemble or ingest any pieces of the SteelBee.