SteelBee® Razor SaverXL

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  • LARGER SIZE 20% larger than the standard SteelBee accommodates even the largest of womens razors. For standard size disposable razors please see the original SteelBee.
  • NOT JUST ANOTHER CHEAP PLASTIC COVER Exclusive Zerust Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors prevent rust and degradation for up to two years through a proprietary Zerust formula that inhibits electrochemical reactions that cause rust & corrosion preventing the oxidation of steel to keep your razor edges sharp. The harmless, odorless, tasteless, and invisible Zerust VCI vapor emitted by the ICT tubes is undetectable and even considered safe by the FDA for use around food and food processing equipment.
  • SAVES UP TO 66% ON RAZOR COSTS Longer lasting blades means you spend less money on costly disposable razor blade refills. Less waste makes The SteelBee the environmentally friendly companion to disposable razor blades, saving both money and waste ending up in landfills.
  • PROTECTS YOUR RAZOR DURING TRAVEL The low profile design allows your protected razor to fit easily in travel bags without taking up valuable space. Made from durable materials The SteelBee won’t break in your bag. The SteelBee also protects you from accidental nicks and cuts.


Replacing your blades once a month? Then you're spending a fortune on razor blades! Get 3x more shaves out of your razor blades with the SteelBee.

How? It's a little known fact that rust corrosion on the blade is what makes the blade go dull. Blade manufacturers like Gillette, Schick, Harrys, and Dollar Shave Club, coat blades in a thin rust protectant film to protect the blade from corrosion until the pack is opened. That film is designed to wear away as soon as you start using it, which is why the blade feels dull after a couple of weeks.

The SteelBee combats corrosion and keeps your razor blades sharper for longer.... 3x longer!

Using patented technology, the SteelBee releases a protective vapor shield around your blades, that keeps the steel protected from moisture, which dramatically slows the corrosion process and extends the life of your razor blades. The SteelBee launched earlier this year and has already helped thousands of men & women get a cleaner, safer, and cheaper shave.

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